The McCormick Arts Council at the Keturah is kicking off its’ new expanded organization with a reception to introduce all the MACK Programs and to invite people to join and participate in this exciting organization. In addition to the existing programs, Sundays at Four and The Community Threads, The McCormick County Community Chorus, and the Green Curtains theater group have joined MACK to maximize opportunities for all. Each program will maintain its identity, board, and budget, but will benefit from being a part of a larger organization. Hold the date of June 23rd from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM for the reception which will be held at the Lutheran Church By the Lake. More information to follow. We invite our existing members, members from the MACK Programs, and everyone who would like to consider membership in this expanded diverse organization. We want to live up to our mission of “Art for All.”

Walt Smith


(864) 323-7585


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