MACK 2022 – 2025: Outcomes

The MACK is gradually emerging from the recent pandemic crisis. Thank you for your patience and support as we return to review, update and take action on our strategic plan.

Outcome 1: 

Our citizens and visitors benefit from diverse opportunities for relevant, rewarding arts experiences and programs.

Outcome 2: 

McCormick County’s professional artists are encouraged to produce quality art and be a part of our local economy.

Outcome 3: 

Students receive a comprehensive education in the arts that develops their creativity, problem-solving and collaborative skills, and prepares them for a lifetime of engagement with the arts and productive citizenship.

Outcome 4: 

As our local arts organizations and cultural partners grow critical resources, high-quality arts experiences and opportunities will be delivered to our citizens and visitors.

Outcome 5: 

The arts are recognized as a valuable contribution to our local economy, education, and community.



To ensure progress, various stakeholders will review the goals, evaluate the plan objectives using the indicators provided and use additional information such as data, demographics, surveys and reports.