The MACK continues to advance the building project and is preparing for the final phases to address all remaining needs and return to full (and new!) services.

Please see our MACK Rehabilitation Project – Frequently Asked Questions for more information regarding this project.

We are currently seeking all federal, state, and local funding sources, and grant opportunities as our primary targets for support for this project. Upon securing the final needs for funding, we anticipate 12 – 18 months to reopen our doors to offer full services. We continue to deliver our mission and programs during this unique period. Thank you for your continued support!

First Delay + Completion of Grant Work

We wish to acknowledge our first project delay regarding the required state approval for the Fire Suppression (Sprinkler) System. The SC Department for Labor License and Regulations has communicated and acknowledged delays that impacted our project. We have received confirmation that our project is now under review. Once we receive final approval from the state office, all remaining contracted work will resume and proceed immediately. In the meantime, we were able to advance all stabilization needs for our SC Historic Preservation Grant. This investment included substantial masonry work which is now complete.

Individual contributions are always appreciated and as we get closer to delivering our programmatic needs, your support will help us to ensure we are able to achieve our shared goals! Gifts of all sizes are valuable and are a testament to the broad support from our local communities for this project’s success.