MACK Rehabilitation Project – Hotel Keturah: Frequently Asked Questions

(Updated 9/25/23)

The project seeks to modernize the building in a historically sensitive way through the installation of new systems and utilities while increasing ADA accessibility for patrons. These renovations will provide highly flexible spaces that will allow the MACK to continue to serve the population of McCormick County for many years and to enhance its cultural purpose in the community.

  1. Enhance ADA accessibility to all areas of the building and site
  2. Update utility services and repair deficiencies to building for longevity
  3. Approach renovations in a historically sensitive way
  4. Create flexible and multi-use program spaces for a variety of arts-related endeavors

Full-Scale Rehabilitation

As of September 15, 2023, the MACK is able to re-mobilize to complete the scope of work previously scheduled to commence in late summer 2023. Phase I of the MACK Rehabilitation Project is now 60% complete.

State Fire Marshall approvals for the Fire Suppression plan required through the SC Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation (SC LRR) were approved in July and re-mobilization efforts ensued through early September. In addition, negotiations to advance the deferred scope of work to address the deferred scope including new HVAC, new accessible restrooms, and new interior finishes are underway.

The following items were deleted from AIA contract per Exhibit A Cost Savings:

  • (18b) 2nd Floor – Defer plumbing rough-in & fixture install
  • (18d) 2nd Floor – Defer new HVAC system
  • (18e) 2nd Floor – Defer new framing & finishes
  • (18f) 2nd Floor – Defer new ceiling system finishes
  • Est. total value $208,000 as of 1/15/23. All projected costs are subject to change. This projected scope of work is possible through restricted funding allocated with support from SC legislators.

    The extensive rehabilitation of the historic Hotel Keturah (c. 1910) began in May 2022. The project proceeded with minimal challenges through January 2023. The complete scope of work to date includes the installation of mechanical, plumbing, and electrical infrastructure. In addition, water and sewer lines were installed extending investments in partnership with the Town of McCormick. Funding for this extension of infrastructure was partially reimbursed through the American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA).

    West Carolina Rural Telephone Cooperative (WCTEL) and Freshwater Coast Community Foundation McCormick County Donor Advised Fund also offered community leadership gifts to support the next identified needs. This gift allowed the MACK Board of Directors to advance the life safety systems (including fire alarms and fire sprinklers) scope of work by extending the contract to include an additional $200,696 for this investment.

    The MACK entered a contract for construction with Solid Structures, LLC on March 1, 2022, for “Phase I” of our planned renovations to the building necessary to continue to provide the organization’s services to the community. The original Phase I project scope included partial renovations to the Basement and Third Floor and full renovations to the First and Second Floor levels; this scope included all new plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and fire protection systems.

The MACK acknowledges that the building project has met an extended delay on the project while awaiting state approval for the Fire Suppression (Sprinkler) system through the Department for Labor License and Regulations. This delay did cause re-mobilization challenges. However, authorization to proceed is now complete and efforts to resume all remaining currently contracted work scheduled to continue are underway.

As expected, the rehabilitation of the Hotel Keturah is based on needs discovered during the structural analysis and development phase. In order to achieve the long-term programmatic use and accessibility goals to ensure service to all generations the project must continue through completing all egress and life safety improvements.

Increasing annual market values are a challenge that will continue until the project is complete. Every year requires 15-20% more in additional funding. Currently, we have found a path to provide nearly 75% of the total estimated costs for the project in full and are continuing to seek funding support to close the remaining gap. From the moment the final phase of funding is secure, the remaining building project needs will take an estimated 15 months to reopen. Various sources of funding sources currently pending include Federal, State, municipal, legislative, and grant options including additional project loans and capital contributions. All efforts have proven effective to date and all support is appreciated.

The project seeks to approach rehabilitation efforts in a historically sensitive way. These investments will allow MACK to continue to serve the population of McCormick County for many years and to enhance its cultural purpose in the community.

Due to construction materials and labor cost increases, a portion of the original project scope was deferred prior to entering the contract for construction, in order to keep the project costs within the MACK’s available funding. The deferred scope of work included fire protection throughout, First Floor ceiling finishes and Second Floor HVAC system, framing, finishes, plumbing fixtures and electrical fixtures, and ceilings. Additionally, the Add Alternate for the new elevator and stair addition was not able to be accepted due to limited funding.

In order to fully realize the goals of the original project scope, the MACK is seeking additional funding for the remaining deferred scope of work and next priorities, prioritizing the new elevator and egress stairs. Phase II will provide improved accessibility and occupancy on all floors. The first priority is the essential Elevator Egress Stair Addition which would provide accessible access to all floor levels and code-required egress stairs needed to safely utilize the Third Floor level. Additional project work will include a youth center, a young adult studio, an improved event space, and a commercial kitchen.

All new and revised use of space maintains the historic character of the main areas of the historic site. Such areas include multi-use program spaces, a history room and lobby, expanded classrooms, improved event space, and enhanced office, gallery, and meeting spaces to accommodate new services and partnership opportunities. This project intends to preserve Hotel Keturah by ensuring safe public access and use of the destination site.

Deferred Scope of Work

The following deferred items from AIA contract per Exhibit A Cost Savings are currently under review:

  • (18b) 2nd Floor – Defer plumbing rough-in & fixture install
  • (18d) 2nd Floor – Defer new HVAC system
  • (18e) 2nd Floor – Defer new framing & finishes
  • (18f) 2nd Floor – Defer new ceiling system finishes

    1. Elevator Egress Stair Addition + Kiln Room
    2. Front Porch Design + Accessible Entrance
    3. Commercial Kitchen
    4. Third Floor Youth Center and Young Adult Studio
    5. Finish and Occupy Basement


    • Professional Fees – Construction Administration
    • Market Values Increases / Contingency
    • Soft Costs – Landscaping, signage, technology, and other programmatic needs

Architectural Services Include: 

  • Schematic Design Confirmation
  • MEP Fee Separate Payment
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents
  • Bidding/Negotiation
  • Construction Phase Services

Additional Services

  • Amendment 1 – New Stair
  • Amendment 2 – Porch Reframing (DD and CD) Amendment 3 – Document Rework for Alternatives Amendment 4 – Electrical Redesign
  • Amendment 5a – Fire Protection Add: Design Amendment 5 – Fire Protection Add: CA Amendment 6 – Additional CA
  • Amendment 7 – SHPO Stabilization Scope

The first Hotel Keturah was a two-story frame structure built in the 19th Century on this site. It was destroyed by a fire. The building is situated on a lot on Main Street facing the commercial row and railroad tracks. The present building was constructed to accommodate travelers and train passengers. The hotel was constructed by W.J. Conner, and named in honor of his wife. The Keturah was managed by the Conners and was a favorite stopping point for salesmen and other travelers. The hotel remained in operation until it closed in the 1960s. The arts council (MACK) was established in 1984 and opened its doors to serve the public in 1985. The site was listed in the National Register on December 12, 1985.

The MACK will remain in coordination with the South Carolina Historic Preservation Office (SCHPO) for support and guidance in preparing for the project. The MACK Rehabilitation Project includes the necessary scope of work that was previously approved through the SCHPO. Efforts to improve stabilization and weatherization efforts are part of the ongoing scope of work.

The Hotel Keturah is a two-and-one-half-story brick building constructed ca. 1910 in the Colonial Revival style. On the main façade is a one-story frame porch with Doric Tuscan columns. The main entrance features the original frame and glass double doors with sidelights and a transom. Adjacent to the entrance is a projecting bay with three two-over-two sash windows. The building features a hipped roof with three prominent exterior chimneys and hipped dormers with two-over-two sash windows.

The total current investment in the Hotel Keturah, built in 1910, is now approximately $1.5M.  These critical funds will help to ensure safe and accessible programs, capitalize and expand arts/cultural facilities, and increase activities and events in McCormick for generations.

  • The MACK Board of Directors took action to enter into a contract with Solid Structures, LLC of West Columbia, SC, for the contract sum of $1,269,292.00 for Phase I. Phase I will address the structural, mechanical, engineering, plumbing, and electrical needs of our historic facility.
  • The MACK Board of Directors for basic architectural services with the BORDEAUX firm for $111,875. The original contract dates back to February 2021. The original contract includes all basic architectural services, Mechanical Electric and Plumbing (MEP) fees, and contracted reimbursables.
  • The current revised Construction contract sum is $1,351,499.56
  • Current sum includes the installation of the critical Fire Suppression System
  • Current sum includes additional stabilization project needs
  • Professional service fees include an additional $58,550
  • The MACK received a grant award to match $28,262.50 through South Carolina Heritage Preservation Office (SCHPO) with federal funds with a required matching grant to advance the front porch and masonry needs
  • Additional project invoices account for a current investment of $19,160 for various testing, reports, landscaping, and other miscellaneous project costs

Summary of Funding Sources

  • Foundation / Grant – 76%
  • Organizational / Private – 17%
  • Municipal (ARPA/Capital Sales Tax) – 7%


Yoder Rosenberg Family Foundation $1,100,000.00

Self Family Foundation $10,000.00

WCTEL $25,000.00

Freshwater Coast Community Foundation $7,500.00

Municipal / Public

McCormick County (ARPA) $50,000.00

McCormick County Sales Tax (16) $50,739.00

Town of McCormick County (ARPA) $21,000.00

Town of McCormick $17,500.00


MACK 2021 Investment $36,500.00

MACK 2022 Investment $25,000.00

MACK Invested Assets (Max) $200,000.00 (‘last dollar’/contingency)

Private Donation

MACK Capital Fund (2022) $8,500.00

Private Donor LG $1,000.00


SC Historic Preservation Grant (22/23) $28,262.50

Multiple requests for grants and funding programs are ongoing. The list above reflects confirmed funding only.

Hotel Keturah continues to face elements of physical deterioration. The McCormick Arts Council commissioned a conditions report from Boudreaux in 2009. Consistent to the recommendations outlined in this report, the organization is advancing care for the historic facility, ensuring improved access for public use and appreciation.

Long-term threats include the overall loss of public use and cultural understanding of the value of this historic facility. Recent challenges within the building industry have created external threats to protecting historic facilities through market value increases and limited supply opportunities. The negative effect is the loss of critical investment to ensure physical care of registered historic facilities such as Hotel Keturah.

The McCormick Arts Council is a 501(c)(3) organization authorized to operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. The purpose of the MACK is to advance the arts in our communities. We exist to serve as the visionary leader for the arts in our communities, stimulate and promote the arts, increase access to the arts, and produce arts programming for the benefit of community members. Our organization is headquartered in McCormick, South Carolina, and primarily serves the surrounding region. In addition, the MACK actively participates in economic and tourism development initiatives using assets, and resources which include the stewardship of the historic Keturah Hotel.

The rehabilitation of the Hotel Keturah will benefit our underserved community greatly. Protecting the historic facility from stabilization and weatherization issues will help to reopen the doors to offer regular programs and will have a positive impact on the surrounding community. In addition, this investment will increase awareness of the value of historic preservation and serve as a catalyst in cultural development and additional historic tourism for McCormick County. Rehabilitation efforts to the Hotel Keturah will ensure the historic building will be accessible and allow for increased use by the public after the project is complete.   

This project will help boost our local economy and community development efforts. The McCormick Arts Council at the Keturah (MACK) has operated from this facility on Main Street for nearly four decades. As listed on the National Register of Historic Places and included in organizational bylaws, the Arts Council is committed to its role as stewards of this site. Prior to the pandemic, the organization served thousands of participants annually. Ensuring access to a safe and fully functional cultural center is the strategic outcome of this project. The need for accessible social spaces in rural communities is evident as are cultural, artistic, and educational opportunities.

MACK Rehabilitation Project Timeline To Date

  • April 2019

    Through an agreement with municipal partners, responsibilities for stewardship for the historic site, Hotel Keturah, were transferred to the MACK for the purpose of providing an arts/cultural center. The MACK began efforts to establish a formal building project to seek investments to provide accessible and safe programs to the community.

  • October 2020

    The Yoder Rosenberg Family Foundation pledged $1.1M to support the MACK Rehabilitation Project. This catalyst gift provided the essential resources to overcome substantial building and infrastructure issues.

    October 2020

  • February 2021

    The MACK entered into a contract with BOUDREAUX for architectural services. Projected timeline, MEP plan, and design services detailed the extensive work needed.

  • August 2021

    Cost estimator report return confirming an increase in the necessary scope of work and impact from financial and industry market value for all needs. The project was segmented and construction documents were prepared for bidding through the fall of 2022 and remained in negotiations through March 2022.

    August 2021

  • March 3, 2022

    The MACK Board of Directors took action to enter into a contract with Solid Structures, LLC of West Columbia, SC, not to exceed the contract sum of $1,269,292.00.

  • May 16, 2022

    The MACK Rehabilitation Project – Phase I begins. Solid Structures, LLC assumes onsite care and management of the historic facility while managing construction.

    May 16, 2022

  • September 23, 2022

    The MACK Board of Directors approved authorization to advance the installation of the Fire Suppression System for Change Order #4. This action increased the original contract amount to $1,304,707.77 and extended the work contract through summer 2023.

  • October 2022

    The WCTEL Foundation and Freshwater Coast Community Foundation offered a combined gift of $32,500 to support the MACK Rehabilitation Project.

    October 2022

  • January 2023

    The McCormick County Council authorized $50,000 from county ARPA allocation to support the building project. In addition, Council authorized County administration to distribute $50,739 as previously awarded through the 2016 McCormick County Capital Tax Commission.

  • March 2023

    Construction work to address stabilization and weatherization project needs, a combined investment of $56,525 to include federal funding is complete. These items included brick masonry repair and repointing and began critical improvements to the front porch.

    March 2023