Our 2022 Calendar

2022 is going to look different.

The arrival of COVID-19 certainly impacted the MACK’s ability to ensure the delivery of a traditional calendar/schedule. As “business as usual” was no longer an option, we continued to plan and work toward our goal for organizational health.

Our primary focus and key objective right now is to advance the MACK Rehabilitation ProjectWhile this will affect the ‘normal’ operations of the MACK, we continue to serve our mission. Art and cultural programming experiences are resuming – in a sustainable way and with careful planning and communications.

We are excited to resume full MACK programs in the near future and will share our opportunities here. We look forward to providing art, culture, and education for generations to enjoy.

Thank you to each of our community members. We are eager to get to know all new residents and see our steadfast supporters. We have a bright future ahead!