The McCormick Arts Council (MACK):

Welcome to new residents and “Thank you” to our MACK Members …  We could (can) not make it through this difficult time without you!

Image Credit: Shorelines Magazine

This year has been an incredible period of transformation. We are encouraged to meet new members who have chosen to become members of our beloved community. We welcome you to McCormick and look forward to introducing you to the McCormick Arts Council at the Keturah (MACK). We know we are also seeing long-term friends and supporters move. You will be missed – and always appreciated.

While this unusual year has presented numerous challenges, it has also provided wonderful opportunities and we look forward to developing new relationships. At this time our organization is navigating critical projects, new opportunities, and the difficulties caused by this elongated health crisis. Nationally, cultural and artisans centers have struggled, many are closing permanently. To ensure we are successful in our return to deliver our mission to our community, the MACK must continue to prioritize our MACK Rehabilitation Project and related planning for a robust, sustainable return to vibrant youth and community programs in a post-pandemic world. This “once in 70 years” opportunity will ensure McCormick continues to have cultural experiences, artisan opportunities, and quality programming for generations to come. While our historic site is preparing for our construction project, we continue to provide programming and appreciate your ongoing support.

Photo credit: Carol Grady

If you are new to McCormick, or to the MACK, please send us a quick email to introduce yourself. All new residents to McCormick County are welcomed to the MACK as Keturah Level Members – our highest level and named in honor of the historic site from which we operate -for a period of one year – a $100 value as a gift for you joining our community. This gift to our new residents is to ensure seamless engagement in local art and cultural events. Additionally, if you are interested in developing new and private art classes, workshops, and other cultural opportunities, please email so we can begin to develop a relationship to serve our mission.

In addition, our Artisan Guild & Gift Shop is now a thriving part of downtown McCormick and is open Monday – Saturday from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.  The Gift Shop is located at 218 S. Main St, McCormick SC, 28935 / (864) 852-3217. You may stop by to enroll as a MACK member / New Resident while enjoying our relocated gift shop.