The MACK Rehabilitation Project: Phase I Begins 

Arts investment advances development efforts in McCormick County

[McCormick, SC]: The McCormick Arts Council at the Keturah (MACK) today celebrates the groundbreaking of the MACK Rehabilitation Project. This milestone is a major investment for the MACK to ensure its ability to continue to serve its mission to provide art, culture, and education to the region. 

“Our vision for this project is to advance access to the arts for generations. This project will allow the arts to serve as a catalyst for regional development.”

~ Heather McNally, Director of Programs and Development

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the organization, including securing a $1.1 Million investment from the Yoder Rosenberg Family Foundation. This lead gift is the largest contribution offered in the organization’s 37-year history of service to the community. 

The Historic Keturah Hotel was named for Martha Keturah Connor, wife of the owner, W.J. Connor. The site is a landmark for McCormick County with a long history that predates the origins of the county. The architecture is notable for featuring
unique early 19th and 20th Century features. The building features a one-story frame porch, Doric Tuscan columns, double doors, a projecting bay, and sash windows. In addition, a hipped roof with three exterior chimneys, hipped dormers, and sash windows are prominent. 

According to the SC Department of Archives and History, “The first Hotel Keturah was built [..] on this site. It was a two-story frame structure and stood until 1909, when it burned. The present building was constructed ca. 1910 to accommodate travelers and train passengers. [..] Keturah was managed by the Conners and was a favorite stopping point for salesmen and other travelers. The hotel remained in operation for many years until it closed in the 1960s.”

Original Hotel Keturah

In partnership with the building owner, O.S. Sexton, the McCormick County Council, and the Town of McCormick, the site was donated to the municipal partners for the purpose of utilizing the space for an arts organization. The McCormick Arts Council at the Keturah (MACK) was established in 1984 and opened its doors at the historic site early the following year. The site was listed in the National Register on December 12, 1985. In 2019, our municipal partners deeded the building to the MACK, designating the cultural organization as stewards of this culturally significant site. 

On March 4, 2022, the MACK Board of Directors took action to authorize the Executive Director, Janice Grizzard, and MACK Board Chair, Roberta McKee, to enter into a contract with Solid Structures, LLC of West Columbia, SC, not to exceed the contract sum of $1,269,292.00 as presented by MACK staff with unanimous support. BOUDREAUX will continue to provide architectural oversight and act as the project liaison with Solid Structures. 

“There is more work to be done – but this is a huge milestone for our organization and community.”  

~ Janice J. Grizzard, MACK Executive Director

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