SC Arts Advocacy Issues 2022

  1. $5 Million Arts Funding Increase Requested
    While last year we saw an increase in arts funding, only now is grant funding for the arts in South Carolina reaching pre-2008 levels when adjusted for inflation. The result? Grants have remained mostly flat, new applicants still have a hard time access funds, and as the state recovers from COVID-19 the needs are even greater.

    $5 million is being requested, in recurring funds, to support grants to arts organizations across the state.

  2. $100 Million for Nonprofits
    The nonprofit and philanthropic sector, led by Together SC, has unified behind a request of $100 million from the state’s federal ARPA allocation. These funds would be dedicated to a nonprofit grant program, through the Department of Commerce, to help nonprofits across the state, including arts groups. These funds, part of the last federal COVID relief bill, are meant to help alleviate negative economic impacts in the state.

    The SC Arts Alliance is supportive of this effort and has been assisting Together SC throughout this process as well.

  3. $500,000 for Rural PilotsCommunities in our most rural areas can be successful in their community and economic development strategies when they include the arts. By providing one-time funding for the expansion and development of rural pilots that help communities integrate the arts into their vision, we can be sure all communities have a vibrant arts industry, and a vibrant economy. Think of how this may help McCormick!

If you are interested in becoming an arts advocate: 

Raise your voice for the arts.

Take a look at the provided advocacy tools and sharpen your skills, learn about the legislative process in South Carolina, and contact your elected officials.

Our state advocacy partner, the SC Arts Alliance continues to advance efforts to ensure support at all levels for the arts. This week is the peak of Arts Advocacy in our State