MACK Board authorizes contract for Phase I for MACK Rehabilitation Project

The McCormick Arts Council at the Keturah (MACK) Board of Directors took action to authorize the Executive Director, Janice Grizzard, and MACK Board Chair, Roberta McKee, to enter into a contract with Solid Structures, LLC of West Columbia, SC, not to exceed the contract sum of $1,269,292.00 as presented by MACK staff with unanimous support. 

Solid Structures, LLC provided the competitive bid and is highly recommended for the scope of work. The bid for construction services proceeded into negotiations. Modifications to the essential project plans have been ongoing since late December. BOUDREAUX will continue to provide architectural oversight and act as the project liaison with Solid Structures. 

This project would not be possible without the generous support of the Yoder Rosenberg Family Foundation. The foundation gift of $1.1M was restricted and designated for the purpose of providing critical support to aid the MACK Rehabilitation Project. This gift is the largest contribution the MACK has received in 37 years of operation. 

Phase I portion of the MACK Rehabilitation Project will provide a substantial portion of the essential infrastructure for the building which will support all current and future project needs. This phase will advance the utility and structural deficiencies, improve accessibility, address mechanical and electrical needs in order of priority. Future needs will include installing a 4-story stair to support an elevator and provide egress, life safety needs, accessibility and code compliance. In addition, future investment will include improved event space, youth and young adult art studio, and commercial kitchen to further the ability to serve and provide high-quality, safe, and accessible programs. 

“We are grateful for the opportunity to ensure access to the arts for generations. There is more work to be done – but this is a huge milestone for our organization and community. Today, we celebrate; tomorrow we continue the efforts to complete this critical investment for our community.”

– Heather McNally, Director of Programs and Development

The MACK wishes to express sincere gratitude, especially to the MACK membership, community members and municipal partners for valuing the investment of the arts and extending support and patience as the organization recovers from the pandemic and remains focused on the essential investment in the historic facility from which they operate. The MACK also would like to encourage all MACK Members, MACK Kids, families, and community partners to be prepared to join us for a Red Ribbon / Celebration in the near future. 

A Gift to McCormick (1984) In a partnership with the previous owner, O.S. Sexton, the McCormick County Council, the Town of McCormick, and the arts council, the site was donated to the municipal partners for the purpose of utilizing the space for an arts organization. The McCormick Arts Council at the Keturah (MACK) was established on December 6, 1984, and opened its doors to the public in 1985. The MACK is named after the Historic Keturah Hotel which was originally built in 1910. We have served our community for over 37 years and we provide art, culture, and education to the region.

For more information regarding the project please contact Heather McNally, Director of Programs and Development directly at / (864) 602-0331.