MACK Funding Requests Submitted to Municipal Partners


The McCormick Arts Council at the Keturah (MACK) appreciates the annual opportunity to submit a request for funding through our municipal partners. We recognize this portion of public funding is an appropriation from the Accommodations Tax (“A-Tax”) and has restrictions that funds must be used for tourism-related expenditures. As a nonprofit organization, we can demonstrate our eligibility by our service to our community and visitors to include the promotion of the arts and cultural events, maintaining the operation of facilities for civic and cultural activities, and continued maintenance to our historic site. In a “Pre-COVID” year, the MACK has a well-developed and effective tourism program delivering cultural activities to serve approximately 20,000 visitors and participants annually.

To highlight the importance of these critical public funds, the MACK’s typical annual operating budget “Pre-COVID” would have been $200K. We were fortunate to benefit from one-time funding through the CARES Act, which supplemented 25% of our potential loss. Our enclosed budget reflects an estimated shortfall of an additional 20% and a conservative estimate of our revenue potential. We have reviewed and redesigned our programs to meet the current and future “Post-COVID” needs. While we have reduced our programs, we are continuing to fully serve our mission. We are committed to enhancing our tourism and cultural center and are taking this most unusual of circumstances to invest our resources to improving our cultural center and developing our programs. Thank you for your efforts to expand access to the arts, history, culture, and education, especially for rural communities such as ourselves.