What a great team!

With the professional oversight for architectural services provided by The Boudreaux Group for the MACK Rehabilitation Project and a great team of local community partners and stakeholders, our project is steadily moving forward to deliver a safe and accessible cultural center. Our goal is to begin and complete the project next year, in 2022. Further details and images will be provided by early fall to our extended stakeholders.

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Historic Keturah Hotel (1984)

This critical investment in our community is only possible due to the vision, generosity, and commitment of the Yoder Family Foundation. This is a donor-advised project and we are thrilled to advance our historic facility to serve our mission – “to provide art, culture, and education to the region”.

We are also grateful to our municipal partners to value the arts in our community and provide the Historic Keturah Hotel to our organization. By investing in the arts, we are committing to our quality of life, engaging our diverse community, and cherishing our historic identity – as well as continuing to develop as a bright and beautiful place to call home.

Keep cheering us on! We are so grateful for the support you have shared for this project!