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Enjoy the MSD Virtual Student Exhibition!

Youth art thrives at McCormick School District!

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The MACK is proud to share and celebrate the wonderful talent of our local students enrolled at McCormick School District. A special “Thank you!” to Ms. Elliot, MMS/MHS Visual Art Teacher, for leading this project and to all of our Art Department team for a wonderful job supporting this and additional art programs over this very difficult school year.

How the MACK is continuing to serve …

Currently, the MACK must prioritize our main objective – the MACK Rehabilitation Project, however, we are still serving all programs that are not impacted by limited resources or the health crisis of this past year. While we have certainly experienced challenges in delivering our typical youth programs due to the continuing pandemic, we are happy to continue our support for all safe, high-quality, and ongoing youth and art programs in our community. Through the Arts in Basic Curriculum program, we provide in-kind support to the MSD Art Department, serve to advance the 5-year strategic plan for art education, and offer critical community engagement and communications for our schools. This allows the MACK to directly serve all students in McCormick and grow future experiences and opportunities.