The MACK Rehabilitation Project has reached the 100-day milestone!

[McCormick, SC]  The McCormick Arts Council (MACK)’s building project has now passed the 100-day milestone of Phase I. The rehabilitation of the existing historic building will ensure continued use as a community arts center. The project seeks to modernize the building in a historically sensitive way through the installation of new systems and utilities while increasing ADA accessibility for patrons. 

Recent project highlights include the completion of critical abatement and demolition services, the installation of mechanical infrastructure, and substantial progress in electrical, plumbing, and framing. This project required an investment in the installation of water and sewer lines, which extended into the parking lot and park, which are all now complete. 

We are happy to report that while we did discover some problematic items – mainly areas of rotten wood, damaged water lines and electrical challenges – the impact was minimal and solutions have corrected any issues. The project continues to advance on track, on schedule and on budget and we are striving to advance deferred work to include important life safety systems.

~ Heather McNally, Director of Programs and Development

What do we hope to accomplish with this project?

The primary goal of this phase of investment is to provide the critical infrastructure for the historic Keturah Hotel. The ground floor accessibility will be substantially improved, gallery lighting and floorspace expanded and a reception area will greatly support the long-term needs of the MACK’s organizational plans. This phase will also improve the entrance and use of space, including accessible restrooms. In addition, the project will feature a rehabilitation of the former lobby and parlor area which will serve to tell the history of our site and organization. A future docent program will assist with this programmatic goal. 

Renovations will provide highly flexible spaces that will allow the MACK to continue to serve the community and visitors of McCormick County for many years and enhance its cultural purpose in the community. The project scope consists of all new mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and life safety systems (including fire alarm and fire sprinklers) and new accessible restrooms. Future steps include a new exterior egress stair and a new elevator addition for additional life safety and accessibility improvements. Additional programmatic investments will include a commercial kitchen, youth center, young adult studio, kiln room, and event storage. 

How are we doing? (Great!)

Critical rehabilitation efforts to the Keturah Hotel began earlier this year (2022). Phase I will address the structural, mechanical, engineering, plumbing, and electrical needs of our facility, built in 1910. An initial investment of approximately $1.4M is now committed to capitalizing on and expanding arts, cultural facilities, activities, and events in McCormick. Rehabilitation is a specific historic preservation approach for historic properties and is based on the Technical Preservation Services standards and guidance as overseen by the National Parks Service. This method acknowledges the need to alter or add to our historic property to meet continuing or changing uses while retaining the property’s historic character. 

To date, we have expended $580,795 for all architectural and construction services as the project has reached the 40% completion point for the work outlined under contract. A small series of change orders have also authorized minor adjustments to the scope of work under contract. This includes nearly $140,000 in credits for items under budget or deferred work to allow us to reach our next project goal which is to install the essential life safety item – the fire suppression, sprinkler, system.

Who are we and what do we do?

The McCormick Arts Council at the Keturah (MACK) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that operates from the Historic Hotel Keturah on Main Street and serves the extended community of McCormick, South Carolina. The organization was chartered in 1984 and opened its doors to provide quality programming to the public in 1985. The MACK’s mission is to provide the region with art, culture, and education. The purpose of the MACK is to stimulate and encourage participation in various cultural opportunities promoted throughout the year. These activities include exhibits, educational programs, events, and performances.

BOUDREAUX and Solid Structures, LLC continues to oversee the project through architectural and construction services. This project is made possible through the generosity and leadership of the Yoder Rosenberg Family Foundation, and contributions from community members. The purpose of the MACK is to stimulate and promote the arts, increase access to the arts and produce arts programming for the benefit of the citizens of McCormick, South Carolina, and the surrounding region.

If you would like more information regarding this project or our organization, please contact us via email, explore our website or call Heather McNally, Director of Programs and Development directly at (864) 602-0331. 

Our future is bright and beautiful.

Thank you for your support!